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An AR article that lets you watch and understand the experience of TikToks without downloading the app.

By leaving screen-sized blanks in the design, readers are encouraged to view TikToks in their full glory (and original context!) on their devices. The vertical broadsheet mimics the seamless scroll of the TikTok app and uses color to divide each columnist’s section. 

Adapted from the original New York Times article. The concept of merging digital experiences with physical products was also inspired by How Do You Print Out the Entire Internet?


1. The original digital webpage ↑  used the phone ratio in a really clever way, but this didn’t translate well into a print/magazine format.


2. As a broadsheet, the layout made sense, but moving your phone along with a coordinating website still wasn’t quite right. 

3. I used Zapworks to start creating the final AR form. I liked that you can pull away and continue watching the looping video, but the QR triggers aren’t ideal. I’m slowly figuring out how to make this really work as I intended in Unity.